Outdoortraining & Teambuilding

We will organize sportive, cultural and / or culinary teambuilding programs – be it independent programs or value adding supplementations to your conference or meeting. Summer & winter.

For example „Urban Jungle“:
The urban jungle – a challenge by itself. Even more for the ambitious hunters and collectors in their quest for the best and most creative pictures and the right answers. On top of that a task book demands a lot from the participants. The teams traverse the city with all its splendour, sights and monuments. On the tracks of the tasks to be performed, this is one of the best ways to get some inside knowledge of the city´s architecture.<br />Images have to be taken according to specific criteria. Cunning questions require knowledge of history (or just common sense?) and to make matters worse, there are actually still very fun & active stations!
But you are not alone! Together the group manages the hardships, together they celebrate the successful accomplishment of the posed tasks.

Nice Add-On: The award ceremony can take place during dinner. The best and funniest photos are shown on screen among laughter, the winning team is announced and prizes are awarded.

This is what we call teambuilding.