Green Meetings & Green Events

Since September 2011 RAM congress+event islicensee of the ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Water, Environment and Ecology and therefore officially entitled to certify meetings - that fulfill the requirements - as "Green Meetings". Thus, ecology-minded management and acting socially will be more transparent for companies and easier to communicate.

In any case it is recommended to decide in an early stage of the planning process whether to organise the event as a "green" one.

On the one hand, sustainable communication can start early, creating a positive prevailing mood with stake holders, clients and partners. On the other hand, ecological planning and cooperation with partners and suppliers will be facilitated.

Green Meeting criteria comprise basically:

  • mobility and accomodation of participants
  • location and catering
  • procurement, material and waste management
  • communication and social aspects

In any case, a Green Meeting or Green Event ALWAYS creates a surplus!