The RAM – flock of sheep

Especially in our field of business we are dealing with the nicer things in life.We take high class restaurants, beautiful hotel rooms and top service for granted.
To show our appreciation for all the good we are receiving, we were looking for a way that combines social responsibility with sustainability – and fits to the way we think and act.
In doing so, we found our RAMs, i.e. the sheep of World Vision.
On different occasions (successful projects, christmas gifts,..) we buy sheep and, with the help of World Vision, we give the sheep to families who are really needy. In Eastern Europe, Africa and South Amerika. The RAM Flock is growing, more sheep are added consistently. World Vision is an internationally acting aid organisation, working on long-term development cooperation and first humanitarian aid. Neither religion nor nationality, culture or gender influence their work. World Vision cooperates with WHO and UNHCR.

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